Windows Password Remover – My Updated Review

Genuine Windows Password Remover Review

Nothing can be as frustrating as forgetting ones passwords. You may have followed someone’s expert advice to change your password regularly to avoid hackers attack on your PC, but this time you failed to remember what your password was. Forgot your password? No worries! Now we have this password recovery tool called Windows Password Remover. My friend, who works with computer told me about this software, he highly recommends it so I bought the software, tried it and it works for me. I never had problem on my first try, I only followed the instructions given to me, and the software is very straight forward and very user friendly. This software is very simple to use and yet, it is so effective in recovering passwords. You don’t need to be a professional to use this software, Windows Password Remover is design for everyday people and they even programmed it with an easy-to-use Graphical Interface so anyone can use it without any technical knowledge.

What is Windows Password Remover?

Windows Password Remover is a software tool that allows you to retrieve your forgotten Windows password in as short as 5 minutes. Yes, in a matter of minutes you can recover your Windows password and it’s 100% safe to use without harming your important data. It works with all versions of Windows; Win NT, Win XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it supports both 32/64-bit operating system. You can use Windows Password Remover in any of your desktops, laptops or even servers and it can be any type of password whether it’s a normal user password or an administrator password.

Windows Password Remover Comes with Two Versions:

Personal Edition is perfect for normal users. This tool is for personal use only for homes, family and friends and it comes with 1 lifetime license. Its graphical interface lets you navigate the software easily and it doesn’t matter if you have no technical knowledge, this software will walk you through step by step and before you know it, you’re done!

Corporate Edition is design for businesses and corporate users, providing the best solution for their working environment. This package includes a Dedicated Support Team and an eBook “Guide to Secure Password”. You can install this up to 5 numbers of Computers (Desktop, Laptop and Server).

How Does Windows Password Remover Works?

Basically, you need a second computer to do the first bits, it can be your other PC or a friends laptop. You also need a blank CD or spare USB flash drive to put the files on. Once you have all of these then you can begin with the 3 simple steps to make a bootable CD or USB.

There are 3 simple steps in the password removing process:

  1. Download and install the Windows Password Remover software.
  2. Create the bootable USB or CD which the software does automatically.
  3. Use the USB or CD on your locked PC to recover the password. And that’s all there is to it!

Why Windows Password Remover?

Windows Password Remover is the leading provider of Windows password recovery solutions. They have successfully helped over 300,000 customers to easily recover their lost or forgotten Windows password. They have tracked a recovery success rate of 99.8%.

Windows Password Remover is completely safe, totally effective and extremely easy to use. And the best part is, they are so sure that you’ll loved the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll never have trouble accessing your computer again. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchased, they offer a 60 days full money back guarantee, no questions ask!

Windows Password Remover Features:

  1. Creates Bootable USB Automatically
  2. Creates Bootable CD Disk Automatically
  3. Graphical User Friendly Interface
  4. 24/7 Technical Support
  5. Lifetime License
  6. Supports All version of Windows (Win XP, Win NT, Win 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit), Windows Server 2003/2008)

My Final Thoughts with Windows Password Remover

Windows Password Remover is one of my best tools that I used and it is highly recommended by my Techie friend. I bought it, tried it and it works for me and I’m sure that it will work for you. The best thing about this tool is everyone can use it even without any advanced technical knowledge, it will work for you. And most of all, it will save you time and money.



Windows Password Remover Review

When Do We Need Windows Password Remover?

When you need to work on your computer, losing access is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. Precious time ticks away while you attempt to hunt for the scrap of paper where you wrote down your password, or while you search your memory. Some may try to reformat the hard drive in the computer, but that would cost lost files. Another option is to contact a technician, but that can be expensive, and once again, it takes time. The clock is ticking, and you need to access your files, but you are having no luck. If this has ever happened to you, consider using Windows Password Remover. In fact, it is an excellent idea to purchase Windows Password Remover even before the problem occurs.

What is Windows Password Remover?

Windows Password Remover software lets you to recover your lost or forgotten Windows password in matter of minutes. It is 100% safe and will not damage any of the files on your computer. Best of all, Windows Password Remover has a very high success rate of 99.8% in recovering your Windows password and supports all versions of Windows. You can recover any forgotten password on your Windows XP, Vista, NT or Windows 7 desktop computer or laptop. The process is very simple and anyone can do it, just follow the simple step by step video instructions that come with the package to recover your password. If you have any questions, Windows Password Remover has an amazing tech support team to assists you 24/7.

Two Versions of Windows Password Remover

  1. Personal Edition
  2. Corporate Edition

It doesn’t matter whether your needs are only for your personal computer, or if you wish to also be prepared for the problem on a corporate level, because Windows Password Remover is available in Personal or Corporate Editions. With both editions, Windows Password Remover will automatically burn a disk or create a USB device for your convenience. Both editions also include a graphical user interface, and you will receive a lifetime license as well as support 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Either edition will support all Windows versions.

The Personal Edition of Windows Password Remover will take care of your own computer, but with the Corporate Edition, the software can be used for up to five systems. An additional benefit of the Windows Password Remover Corporate Edition is the highly recommended eBook called Guide to Secure Passwords. Corporate users will also have access to a specially dedicated support team.

Both the Personal and Corporate Editions of Windows Password Remover packages are an invaluable tool for anyone who works or even plays on a computer. It can be downloaded by a user or administrator, and reused as many times as you need it. In fact, the Windows Password Remover will help you reset all of the passwords on your computer, including those for the administrator as well as various individual files or documents.

How to Use Windows Password Remover?

The Windows Password Remover can be used on Win NT, Win XP, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and it supports both 32/64-bit operating system. It works great on both desktop and laptop computers. The designers of Windows Password Remover also believe in the concept of software that is user friendly. When you first need to regain access to your computer, it will be necessary to use a system that is not locked, but then there are only three simple steps:

  1. Step one is to download Windows Password Remover and install the software.
  2. Step two is automatic; the software will create a bootable disk or USB drive with the password reset ready to go.
  3. The last step is to insert the programmed disk or USB in your computer, turn it on, and soon you can get back to work.

The Windows Password Remover is also user friendly because when you purchase the program, you’ll receive a simple tutorial that shows how to use it. The step by step instructions will have you back into your computer in no time. A video is also included with the Windows Password Remover package, and it clearly explains how to recover access to your system.

Windows Password Remover Discount

These days, consumers need to wonder about hidden costs when they purchase a product. With Windows Password Remover, the cost of the download is the only price you’ll pay. In fact, there are sometimes specials, including a discount of up to 40%. There’s no need to hesitate, because it’s best to be prepared before the situation ever occurs Windows Password Remover is a fine product that is provided by a reputable company, and has received recognition that includes excellence awards and five-star ratings. Along with the Windows Password Remover around-the-clock support and lifetime licensing, you’ll also receive lifetime upgrades.

Why Choose Windows Password Remover?

One of the reasons Windows Password Remover is considered an excellent download is because of its efficiency. It is not necessary to reformat your hard drive, lose or damage your data, and reinstall your operating program. Those are time stealing steps that are unnecessary. With Windows Password Remover, it’s only a matter of following the three easy steps, and you’ll be back to work in no time.

Another reason users appreciate Windows Password Remover is because of its user-friendly qualities. It is not necessary to have a deep understanding of computers to use this program. Some users have joked that they didn’t even need to ask the kids for help. Between the graphical user interface, the video, and the tutorial images that provide step by step instructions, anyone can use Windows Password Remover. If you do have questions, the 24/7 technical support team will probably be more helpful – and less embarrassing – than asking for assistance from the kids.

Other Things You Need to Know About Windows Password Remover

Once the Windows Password Remover is installed on a USB drive or burned on a CD, it’s easy to plug it in and go. Computers are designed to check the drives while booting, and your system will automatically find the reset command. However, in some unusual situations, your computer might not read your drives while attempting to boot. In that case, it will be necessary to change the boot priority in your BIOS. Fortunately, the software package includes easy instructions on how to respond to this unlikely event.

Time is too important to lose when you need to get to work on your computer. Even if you only want to use your computer for play, you may have a limited amount of time for relaxation. Those who designed Windows Password Remover know that searching your mind or your desk drawers for the information can take too long. An even worse situation is the idea of reformatting your computer, because that will eat up valuable minutes, and there is no way to gauge how long it will take to recover or rebuild your lost files. In any case, an excellent way to save yourself from surrendering hours to a lost password is by downloading Windows Password Remover.

Once individuals or corporations choose their Windows Password Remover edition, they’ll be ready to respond to the problem. If you’ve heard that it isn’t possible to recover a password without reformatting your system, speak with a Windows Password Remover support team member today. Give them five minutes, and they can show you how to get back into your PC right away. There’s no reason to wait, and it is always a good time to make life easier.